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Standing Committees of Council



    The Executive Committee /Strategic Planning & Corporate Governance Committee of Council:
    • May make decisions on behalf of the Council when the full Council is not possible to convene and shall report on such decisions at the next sitting of Council for noting; and
    • advises the Council on matters relating to setting a strategic direction for the University through short to medium term planning for all aspects of the University. This Committee
    • shall consider and make recommendations on any matter of strategy and policy referred to it by the Council;
    • monitor progress against the University’s Strategic Plan and Corporate Strategies;
    • Monitor wider developments in Solomon Islands, the Pacific and the world with a view to ensuring that the University continues to benefit from such developments, and at worst, that the University is not unduly affected adversely by such developments.
    • Advises the Council on any matter of serious concern involving corporate governance of the University. For clarity, “serious concern” refers to situations where the matter can potentially place the University in risks serious enough to destroy the standing of the University; and “corporate governance” is defined as the role and responsibility of the Council with respect to the provisions of the Act and its relationship with the Management of the University.

    Chairperson - Chair of Council
    Members - Chairpersons of all Council Standing Committees except Audit Committee.
         Pro –Vice Chancellor (Academic)
         Pro-Vice Chancellor (Corporate)

    The primary roles of this Committee are to:
    • Advise and make recommendations to the Council on policy and strategic planning matters as they relate to Human Resources.
    • Periodically examine the Human Resources Policy of the University and ensure that it sufficiently covers all core aspects of the human resources of the University.

    Chairperson - 1 Member from the Appointed Members of the Council, appointed by the Council
    Members  - Vice-Chancellor
          Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academic)
          Pro Vice-Chancellor (Corporate)
          Two other members of the Council
    Ex-Officio  - Director Human Resources



    To monitor and advise Council on:
    1. All matters relating to financial sustainability of the University
    2. All matters relating to the investment of University funds
    3. Capital funds necessary to develop and sustain the University;
    4. Fees to be charged for programmes of studies, residential and other services;
    5. Annual Budgets;
    6. such other matters referred by the Council or the Vice-Chancellor

    Chairperson - One member of the Council, appointed by the Council.
    Members  - Permanent Secretary, MOF
          - Permanent Secretary, MEHRD,
          - Two other Council Members
          - Vice-Chancellor
          - Pro Vice-Chancellor
    Ex-Officio  - Director Finance


    To advise Council on:
    • the policy framework for the governance of all the University’s physical resources including its information and communications technology.
    • support needed for the university in its quest for continuously improving the stock and quality of physical resources of the University.
    • such other matters as may be referred by Council or the Vice-Chancellor.

    Chairperson     - A member of the Council, appointed by the Council.
    Members      - Two other members of the Council
               - Vice-Chancellor
               - Pro Vice-Chancellors
    Co-opted Members  - Director, Planning, Coordination & Research Unit (MEHRD)
               - Under Secretary-Ministry Dev. Planning & Aid Coordination
    Ex-Officio      - Director Property & Campus Management
               - Director Planning
               - Director Finance


    The Audit Committee is appointed by the Council and is accountable to the Council. This committee is assigned the oversight of the financial reporting and auditing processes.


    The Audit Committee is to ensure that:
    • The University fulfills its legal obligations with respect to financial reporting, and to satisfy itself that the financial reports fairly reflect the University’s financial position and results of its operations;
    • The University at all times has in place effective systems of internal control and compliance;
    • Advise the Council on:
      • accounting and disclosure policies and procedures, including unusual and related-party transactions;
      • inherent and other forms of risks, including fraud and diminution of University assets;
      • Sufficiency of dealing with problem areas and irregularities raised in audit reports

    Chairperson - A person with considerable audit experience from outside the University, appointed by the Council
    Members  - Two other person, preferably with relevant professional membership of experience, appointed by the Council