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The School of Tourism and Hospitality Management (STHM) is one of two Schools within the Faculty of Business and Tourism Studies.

The School of Tourism and Hospitality Management (STHM) has a purpose-built teaching and training facility at Kukum Campus, Honiara. It is located on the Philip Highway Road, with easy access to various transportation and other amenities such as shops and markets.

The modern commercial kitchen, bar area with a coffee maker, entertainment foyer, two demonstrating model hotel rooms for housekeeping and laundry, a model reception area, lecture theatre, computer lab, tutorial rooms, and staff offices make up the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management.

A school for excellence, STHM aims to advance the knowledge, skills, and humanities of those working in the tourism and hospitality industries. This is achieved by:

  • Combining theoretical and practical knowledge for both the public and private sectors of society
  • Equipping and confirming graduates with the command and transformational power of serving society through their work
  • Providing responsive programmes to meet the needs of industry/economy and the care of the individual.
  • Promoting scientific research and policy dialogue as a way to provide advancement to society in what it means ‘to be of service’ and its consequences.
  • Strengthening cooperation with other academic institutions, training facilities, business organizations and civil society to promote the dissemination of moral principles and human development.


  1. Transfer Knowledge and Skills in line with Hospitality, Events and Tourism Management.
  2. Stimulate a critical and active learning mix, oriented to the direct application, during classes, of models and tools with applications to real business context and business requirements.
  3. Provide an overview of the tourism systems, and its development trends for a better understanding of the interconnections between the tourism, hospitality, events and related industry- (Food, Fashion, Sports, Arts and Cultural Heritage)
  4. Foster students’ specialization in Culinary Arts, Hospitality, Events and Tourism.
  5. Offer graduates the confidence to be entrepreneurial and to move away from a paradigm of “job seekers” to “job creators”.

Message from the Head of School

Welcome to the School of Tourism and Hospitality Management. Choosing this course of study is a personal choice but at the School of Tourism and Hospitality, we endeavour to work with and prepare you for an exciting career ahead of you

Samson Bisafo • Head of School
Our qualifications in the Hospitality and Tourism industry are the perfect gateway options for a person who wants to break the mould of conventional life and gain valuable skills in the process. All you will need is a passion for travel, good organisational and communications skills and enjoy working with people.

Our graduates continue to fill customer service roles in the country. Our strong links with the industry form a fundamental part of our internship programs, giving our students first-hand experience before they graduate, and ensuring they are career-ready.

I wish you all the very best in your studies and trust that your experience as a student in our school will be a rewarding one

Departments & Divisions

The School of Tourism and Hospitality Management is divided into Two (2) Academic Departments and Two (2) Professional Technical Divisions.

Academic Departments

  1. Department of Tourism & Hotel Management 

  2. Department of Hospitality and Culinary Arts

Professional and Technical Divisions

  1. Hotel Accommodation and Conferencing Division

  2. Kitchen Bar and Restaurant Division

The two professional and technical divisions collaborate with the hotels and catering industry to offer real-world skills and experiences to prepare you to be work-ready before graduating. These divisions are:

  1. Accommodations - 3 start Hotel Rooms Facilities used as demonstration model rooms for training in housekeeping, laundry and reception area. This is augmented by a conference facility used for meetings and events management.

  2. Kitchen, Café and Bar - Lokol Fusion Café is a state of the Art fully equipped commercial kitchen, bar area with a coffee machine, dining area and foyer for entertainment. The commercial restaurant operates as a popular café known as the Lokol Fusion Café (LFC) and teaches hands-on skills to hospitality students in cookery, catering, bar, barista and customer Services.


We offer qualifications which are practical and intend to enhance your academic knowledge, and personal development and assist you to acquire new skills and competencies.

Mr. Samson Bisafo

Head of School