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School of Humanities Staff

Department of History

Dr. Ben Wate (HOD)
PhD (Otago) MSc (LSE), BD (PTC), Dip. Theo  (BPTC)

History and Religious Studies

Ms. Vhairi Gegnana Devi 
MA, PGD -Governance, BA (USP)


Mr. Andrew Houlia 
PGD- History, BEd -History, Dip Tchg Primary, Cert Tchg Primary


Department of Social Sciences

Brenda Sevala Wawah (HOD)

MA (TKU), BA (NCKU) Taiwan

Head of Department of Social Sciences and Lecturer in Social Sciences and Youth Development Work

Karlmax Saramo
MA (TKU), BA (NCKU) Taiwan

Assistant Lecturer

Helen Maebuta
MA-Dev Studies, PGD - Dev Studies, BEd (USP), Cert in Tchg (SICHE)


Dr. Ben Wate (HOD)

PhD (Otago) MSc (LSE), BD (PTC), Dip. Theo  (BPTC)

Senior Lecturer in History and Religious Studies

Department of Language & Communications

Roselyn Maneipuri (HOD)
PGD Ed,  BEd (USP),  (USP),  PGCE (Waikato)

Senior Lecturer – English

Georgina Buro Pitaqae
MEd, Advanced, TESOL (UO Wollongong, PGCEd, BA (USP)

Lecturer in English Literacy

Leonora Houma
MEd, PGD Ed (UOW), PGD Linguistics, BA (USP), Dip Tchg (SICHE)


Marion Luihenue
MSEd (UNSW), PGD SEd BEd (UOW), Cert in Tchng Primary (SICHE)

Lecturer in Language and English Literature

Desmond Waita
MEd, PGD Ed (UOW), BEd (USP), Dip in Tchg Sec (SICHE)

Assistant Lecturer

Jenny Wanerofea
BEd, Dip. Edu Admin (USP), Dip in Tchg Sec (SICHE)


Veronica Sade
BEd (Goroka)


Department of Library & Information Systems

Dr. Don Karunanayake

Associate Professor/ Director of Libraries
Dip, (Russia), BA, (Sri Lanka) MA, (Sri Lanka) MLS, (Sri Lanka) PhD, (Japan)

Dr. Don Karunanayake is the Head of the Department of Library & Information System at the School of Humanities of the Faculty of Education & Humanities at Solomon Islands National University (SINU). Also, the Director of Libraries at the Solomon Island National University.

Glennis Lucy


Department of Geography

Dr Lincy Pende (HOD)
PhD (ANU), MA, PGD – Dev Studies, BA (USP)

Development &   Human geographer with expertise in applied social science research

Walter Koelau Lilo

Assisant Lecturer

Department of Sports & Creative Arts

Austin Revo (HOD)
MEd, PGD Ed (USP), BEd (Goroka)

Head Of Department for Sports, Creative Arts Department
( Lecturer in Primary Curriculum)

David Riare
BTchg Primary (SINU), Dip Music Ed (Shaw Academy)

Tutor – Music

Department of Media & Journalism

Jeremy Inifiri

BCA Journalism (DWU) 

Assistant Lecturer

Peter Psalm Ramofolo

BA Communication (UH Hilo)