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Department of TVET Education



Technical and Adult Education Department comprises of three strands; Technology, Home Economics and Adult Learning and Training Programme (ALTP). The Department’s overarching focus is to upgrade and provide quality training opportunities to all students enrolling in the different Department strands. Technology and Home Economics provide Higher Education technical contents for students pursuing diploma and bachelor secondary teaching qualification at the school of Education. The ALTP strand provides the certificate upgrading program for TVET graduates and adults involved in Community and Institutional training programs who are determined to build their capacity in planning and delivering educational programs.  Teaching and Learning is delivered through face to face mode and Moodle as a supporting tool is used to facilitate the Content delivery. The major teaching strategies used include Practical projects, Lectures, tutorials, field research, seminar presentations, and work attachment for students’ in the ALTP programme.  The Department staff guide and support students to achieve the core learning in the Unit Descriptors.


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The TVET education department is offering units in two subject areas:

1. Home Economics
2. Technology

Our Staff

Grace Rohoana
MEd, PGD Ed, BEd-Sec (USP), Dip Tchg Sec (SICHE)

Lecturer in Home Economics, Head of Department for Technical and Adult Education

Layda Viva
PGD Ed, (USP), BEd (PAU)

Assistant Lecturer

Juble Maneohu
BEd - Technology (USP), Dip Tchg Sec (SICHE)

Wood and Metal Technology