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Department of Language & Communications



The language and communication department offers a variety of subjects or units aiming to equip two different student cohorts; the teaching students at the Panatina campus, and those pursuing trades and technical skills at the Kukum and Marine campuses. The academic units are a combination of language, literacy, communication, literature and generic English, with an overall goal to empower, equip and prepare students for effective communication in the workplace, for competence and proficiency in teaching language at both the primary and secondary schools, and further learning at the tertiary level. A strong command of the English language for local and international networking using both the spoken and written mode is an important tool for nation-building, and students are allowed to practice these skills while they are accessing knowledge, skills and appropriate attitudes from other disciplines through English in forums, group discussions, seminars, research reports, Oral English activities, and presentations.


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Our Staff

Georgina Buro Pitaqae (HOD)

MEd, Advanced, TESOL (UO Wollongong, PGCEd, BA (USP)

Lecturer in English Literacy

Roselyn Maneipuri
PGD Ed,  BEd (USP),  (USP),  PGCE (Waikato)

Senior Lecturer – English

Leonora Houma
MEd, PGD Ed (UOW), PGD Linguistics, BA (USP), Dip Tchg (SICHE)


Marion Luihenue
MSEd (UNSW), PGD SEd BEd (UOW), Cert in Tchng Primary (SICHE)

Lecturer in Language and English Literature

Desmond Waita
MEd, PGD Ed (UOW), BEd (USP), Dip in Tchg Sec (SICHE)

Assistant Lecturer

Jenny Wanerofea
BEd, Dip. Edu Admin (USP), Dip in Tchg Sec (SICHE)


Veronica Sade
BEd (Goroka)