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Certificate in Library and Information Systems

Programme Structure

Code: CLIS
Title: Certificate in Library and Information Systems
Core Units: 5 Units
Electives: 2 Units (Only one elective is recommended to register)
Total Credit Points: 120
Campus: Kukum/Panatina

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Unit Code Unit Title Prerequisite Semester Offered Credit Points
Introduction to Library & Information Systems 

1 20
LIS302 (Core)
Information & Communication Technology In Libraries 

1 20
LIS303 (Core)
Introduction to the Organization of Knowledge 1 (Basic)

1 & 2 30
BC381 (Elective)(Early Code)
CSC301(Elective)(New Code)
Communication Skills

2 8
BC351(Elective)(Early Code)
CSC351(Elective)(New Code)
Introduction to Computers

2 8
Library Ergonomics

2 22
Information Skills for Academic Use (Scholarly Primitives)

2 20
Five core units and one elective are needed